About Gestactif

What exactly is a property manager?

In Quebec, the law defines a property manager as the person or firm in charge of operating a real estate property in lieu of its owner or owners. A property manager answers to a syndicate’s needs in terms of management.

In accordance with the law, Gestactif provides management services to co-ownership syndicates. The services offered by Gestactif range from simple consultations to the handling of general meetings to complete management for larger properties and syndicates.

Who is Gestactif?

Our vision

Gestactif seeks to constantly improve our clients’ quality of living. We succeed in doing so by offering a balanced approach to all aspects related to your home. We strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients-we offer a personalized and courteous service at all times. At Gestactif we adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs and are present to support them throughout any and all ordeals.

We understand how your building and co-ownership function and we make it our daily promise to refine and widen our expertise in order to offer you the best service possible.

Our organization

Established in 2007, Gestactif is a management company entirely devoted to co-ownership properties. Our approach is based on the idea that we set ourselves apart with our personalized services adapted to your needs. Our highly customized and personal approach includes:

  • A wide range of knowledge and advice,
  • Respect for the rule of law concerning decisions made by the Board,
  • A veritable partnership,
  • A standard, legal administration, both documented and accessible,
  • A collaborative approach to conflict resolution,
  • A sustained presence in our clients’ properties,
  • Simple, efficient tools at the disposal of all owners\residents,
  • Someone to answer your calls; at Gestactif you’ll always be greeted by an actual person, not an operator.

Our location

So as to not isolate our offices, we are strategically located in Laval, at the junction of two highways.

Our convenient location allows our managers to quickly access both the greater Montreal region, as well as the Laurentians.

The Gestactif advantage
  • Counselling and structuring your syndicate’s financial planning practices.
  • Discussing and preparing an insurance strategy with the syndicate in order to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Supporting, advising and assisting victims and third parties in the event of a disaster.
  • Informing and alerting residents by way of notices, newsletters, etc.
  • Conciliatory approach to resolving disputes.
  • Attuned to the needs of the syndicate.