I have noticed the presence of unwanted animals or insects in my building. Should I let someone know?

In all cases, you must advise your property manager who will put you in contact with an exterminator in your area, who in turn will advise the required delegated authorities.

A service provider (snow removal, cleaning or landscaping service) failed to make their habitual appointment. Who should I advise?

You should advise either a Board member or your property manager, who in turn will ensure that a follow-up be done. Your property manager will communicate with the service provider in question and will ensure that corrective measures be taken.

Certain property bylaws are not being respected. How should I handle this matter?

Should you wish to formulate a complaint in regards to a rule infraction, contact your property manager do advise him\her. The source of a complaint remains confidential.

I have noticed that the plumbing under my sink is leaking. What should I do?

Each co-owner is liable for his\her own private unit. In a situation such as this, you should contact a plumber of your choice to rectify the problem. Should you not know who to contact, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a list of qualified and affordable professionals for you to choose from.

I am not receiving any correspondence from my syndicate. How can I verify that they have my correct contact information?

You should receive a minimum of 2 notices per year from your syndicate:

1) a notice concerning the annual general meeting

2) your annual notice of payment, as well as a copy of the meeting’s minutes.

Should you not receive these 2 documents, please communicate with us immediately in order to verify that we have your correct contact information on file.

If I wish to change my intercom information, or if the intercom is not working, who should I contact?

If you wish to change your personal information in the intercom, please contact your property manager and he\she will update the intercom during their next property visit. If your intercom is not functioning properly, your property manager will refer you to a specialist who will verify the situation.

There are some renovations that I would like to do within my condo unit. Am I obligated to let my syndicate know?

In all cases, regardless of the nature of the renovations you are considering, advise both your property manager and syndicate before beginning. We ask that you present your renovation project, provide plans of the anticipated work to be done and in some cases, for reasons of conformity, we ask for specification of the materials you plan on using. Lastly, we ask that you provide us with a work schedule and timeframe so that neighbours may be advised. This is a simple consideration that will ensure pleasant relationships between all neighbours.

A disaster took place in my home. What must I do?

You can call us anytime at our emergency number (1-877-214-7365). After evaluating the nature of the disaster, we will quickly put you in contact with the necessary professionals.

Documents such as financial statements and budget proposals will be sent at the same time as the notice for the annual general meeting, which takes place within the 3 months following the end of your syndicate’s fiscal year. After the general meeting, your syndicate will confirm the proposed budget and you will then receive a copy of the final budget along with a notice advising you of your condo fees for the following fiscal year.

I am selling my condo and my notary is asking for certain information. How should I proceed?

Provide your notary with our contact information and we will communicate directly with him\her in order to relay the information and documentation necessary to the selling of your condo.