The complete package

Gestactif’s complete management solution!

Your Gestactif manager is your direct contact for communication, acting as your partner in all administrative, financial and operational aspects. Our role as facilitator means putting at your disposal our legal comprehension, our knowledge and expertise, our financial experience, as well as our experience in insurance management.

Gestactif answers to all of your syndicate’s needs.


  • Maintaining your syndicate’s registry in accordance with the law and the specifications stipulated in the declaration of co-ownership.
  • Protecting and maintaining your syndicate’s archives.


  • Bookkeeping, as well as implementing proper recovery procedures in the case of unpaid condo fees.
  • Collecting and depositing of monthly condo fees.
  • Managing accounts payable and making sure bills are paid on time.
  • Handling bank reconciliations.
  • Preparing annual financial statements and budgets.
  • Quick access to interim financial statements.
  • Etc.


  • Regular property visits; for all management matters related to your building, our managers will be there.
  • Supervising syndicate employees.
  • Monitoring and control of work done by service providers and sub-contractors.
  • Negotiating maintenance and work contracts.
  • Guaranteeing the administrative and financial management of all work voted on during the general meeting.
  • A 24\7 emergency service.
  • Specialized management software which enables and facilitates the transmitting of information to all co-owners.

Governance and annual assemblies

We oversee and ensure that rules, as well as the declaration of co-ownership, are respected and followed. We organize and oversee:

  • The general meeting.
  • The necessary Board meetings.

We produce the reports and counsel minutes which result from meetings:

  • Preparing annual financial statements (results, balance sheets).
  • Establishing and proposing a budget suited to the needs of the Board.
  • Producing annual declarations and tax reports.
The Gestactif advantage
  • Counselling and structuring your syndicate’s financial planning practices.
  • Discussing and preparing an insurance strategy with the syndicate in order to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Supporting, advising and assisting victims and third parties in the event of a disaster.
  • Informing and alerting residents by way of notices, newsletters, etc.
  • Conciliatory approach to resolving disputes.
  • Attuned to the needs of the syndicate.