“Light Package”

Financial management + general meetings

Our “light” package is your alternative to self-management! This package is the perfect balance between your needs and your financial means and is ideally suited to smaller syndicates.

Our “light” package answers to your syndicate’s administrative and financial needs, as well as to matters pertaining to your general meeting. Excluded from this package are on-site visits and building management.

With the “light” package, your syndicate is guaranteed exceptional administrative and financial management:

  • Bookkeeping, collection of fees. The complete financial package, including the preparation of the annual financial reports.
  • Preparer and overseeing the annual general meeting.
The Gestactif advantage
  • Counselling and structuring your syndicate’s financial planning practices.
  • Discussing and preparing an insurance strategy with the syndicate in order to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Supporting, advising and assisting victims and third parties in the event of a disaster.
  • Informing and alerting residents by way of notices, newsletters, etc.
  • Conciliatory approach to resolving disputes.
  • Attuned to the needs of the syndicate.